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It all began late 2011....It isn't always how long you have been doing something that will determine how good you are at it? Or does it? Everyone has different opinions and different takes on style. If that wasn't the case, we would all be going to the same shops and buying the same clothes, we'd all be clones.

Since forming Paris In Cuffs, we have always been focused on individuals taking control over what they want to wear and tailoring our designs to appeal to a wider audience. With that in mind, it is still early days, so there will be much more to come in the near future, with more products coming regularly to the site.

So keep a close eye on us, find us on your social networks; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to keep up to date with the latest we have to offer including; new products, latest updates and promotional codes.

While you are here, take some time to take a look through what we have to offer.